this is Rare very hard to ever find another a beautiful statue of liberty oz trade unit silver dollar .had in collection a very long time. look like the edges are d spectactular amp layered with fine gold kind of like the new bi metal coins of today. i thought i would show this coin to you collectors not sure of it actual value i know it s a beautiful coin and never found another anywhere .so i...
get a rare michael jordan REFRACTOR Topps amp get packs in pictures panini threads - amp - donrus Elite with kobe on cover.the packs al are expensive to buy today due to the basketball stars amp rookies amp possible auto s. box packed with foam priority. for . Photos and contact info on Advertigo website.
compare at - for same on retailers high priced shops. bought this item yr s ago amp just liquidating items getting to old for collecting amp lost interest .guess that happens .insured to your door priority mail .hst amp retired. verified .hey make my off it on that ebay site. i don t know but great item .just needs a frame and will command attion in your collection .best on this M.J. siigned it...
For sale in very good condition is this Vintage Hard Rock Hurricane Baltimore Glass. No cracks or scratches. Stands about 10 tall.
this is the worlds greatest card chase box multisport with packs inside to look for high series pack from Mickey mantle rookie card is worth graded Eddy mathews Pee WEE Reese jackie Robinson .remember odds in the production but who knows whats inside look for throwback packs fleer michael jordan rookie sold for in june graded by beckett .finf vintage packs from football baseball basketball - .b...
get this rare beckett graded Ken griffey Jr baseball trading card Goudey amp get packs to look for his rookie from upper deck low series foil packs.box packed with foam on shipment insured. Photos and contact info on Advertigo website.
2009 Inaugural Season Yankee Stadium Logo Rawlings Baseball from the New York Yankees comes with a display stand so that it can be properly displayed.
get both rare cards of golfer tiger woods these don t come produced by the millions as you can see for yourself WANT RARE ITEMS get the packs too .free ship box packed protected priority Photos and contact info on Advertigo website.
Collectors SERIOUS Investors condition is the factor of this rare item graded higher than a mint condition So believe it there is a handful of these in the world compared to michael jordans rookies amp michael jordans rookie sold in june for dollars .a honus wagner sold million .tiger woods sold for in the past at the beginning of his Career .ESPN look it up on computer.what s this cards future...
get this sealed rare box of worlds greatest card chase for the mickey mantle high series pack from or Eddy mathews Jackie Robinson or uncover topps unopened pack Hank Aaron Ernie banks but also look for vintage packs ted williams mickey mantle Roberto Clemente r c worth I.A.W. sports market report . packs insie this sealed box people but remember there are odds but who knows ..this item is long...
get the investor s jornal card from also the air jordan card then get the of highlights upper decks oversize cards signature cards still sealled perfect amp wait people i found this silver signature retrospect pack cards oversize as well in my old storage cabnets .priority box packed with foam to protect.at . on me if your a jordan fan these a very hard to find in this condition .request postal...
get everything pictured stack od basketball cards looks to be more than enough to count so get them all also get Graded . topps topps pristine michael jordan Beckett graded thick case throwing in some legendary players baseball cards from upper deck sp cards .. shipping .request my gram postal my order so you will have your reciept..email fwhunt(at)verizon Photos and contact info on Advertigo w...
cards for the serious collector right here right now want rare item few of these out there n of the fleer hobby packs silver thriller look for a jordan autographed rookie card..VALUE i would say amp thanks for the look at this listing .best to you always. . priority box packed protected. Photos and contact info on Advertigo website.
get all cards silver thriller pack Fleer hobby edition has cards inside to look for michael jordan signed rookie or returned signatures of NBA Legends amp superstars .the fleer michael jordan is graded by PSA mint the decade of excellence fleer PSA nr-mint amp finally.. a very RARE ROOKIE of m.j. Graded by Beckett mint inc. centering . edges . corners . surface . mint condition card . STAR ROOK...
mike jordan topps in screw down holder ships for . thanks Photos and contact info on Advertigo website.
get all this cards in all u d foil cards inside look for griffey jr rookie legendary cuts cards per pack amp legendary original vg-ex condition WOW.. EDDY MATHEWS Beckett graded too. d . box packed protected priority for . Photos and contact info on Advertigo website.
get all pictured beckett mint condition card mickey mantle amp packs of baseball cards . cards in all. . box packed priority amp thanks Photos and contact info on Advertigo website.
this item the you receive amp it s a rare Tiger woods Grand slam ventures Gold foil oversize rookie Card Champions of Golf The Masters collection. this item was stored in imaculate condition Gem Condition Graded. insured box packed protected with foam priority mail for . i will pay for insurance.thanks as always. Photos and contact info on Advertigo website.
get all these tiger rookie s plus michael jordans Star-Power .the extremely Rare Promo with fist pumping action amp of tiger first licensed Graded by n other than PSA in a perfect Grade .WOW on that then the Tiger Rookie card sifk s original rookie that collectors investors seek out to even find graded this condition amp this is graded by Beckett in mint condition .-.-- also i have a rare becke...
new sealed condition sold out item from hobby edition box from fleer. put it in your showcase .a michael jordan rookie bgs graded sold for k back in june not signed .priority box packed for grading foam protection insured. . amp thanks. please add . to ship this item. postal my order cashiers ck my gram lastly . Photos and contact info on Advertigo website.
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